When you send an email, it's like throwing a letter to the wind. Who knows who'll read it? Now there's a better way.

Absolute Security

RAIN Secure Email is a safe, private system for communication. Our fully secured mail servers give you an environment of control and privacy for your email. While other systems just transmit emails 'in the clear', making them at risk of theft or unwanted access, RAIN Secure Email uses multiple layers of protection to make sure only you read your messages and only the right people receive the messages you send.

Whether you use email for personal or professional correspondence, RAIN Secure Email gives you peace of mind by making sure your mail is safe.

Like a postcard, every email you send or receive is vulnerable to intrusion. RAIN Secure Email provides an envelope of protection that keeps you and all your messages safe, no matter what.

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Our security features:

  • Always encrypted: No matter where you access from, your data is safe with bank-level security
  • VeriSign certificates protect all your mail without any extra software
  • Stay safe from viruses and spam with our advanced filtering technology
  • Read and send mail from any browser or any mail client, even on your phone or tablet computer
  • Send anywhere with SecureVault and know your email is secure

Total Encryption
No matter where you access from, no matter what your mail is, every login, every message and every word is 100% encrypted at all times, blocking any snooping or data theft.

Using bank-level security, SecureVault lets you send encrypted messages to any address on any system, anywhere in the world. No extra software, just the click of a button and your message is safe.

Spam & Virus Protection
State of the art spam and virus protect keeps unwanted mail out and saves you time. Customise your filters for 100% protection.