RAIN Secure Email offers only the highest quality in service and data protection. Employing bank level encryption and medical grade enforcement, our secure email system keeps your mail safe at all times. Whenever you login to your secure RAIN account, whether you do it from your computer, through your web browser or over a mobile device, your connection is encrypted from start to finish, blocking all attempts at sniffing and data theft. And this security applies wherever you are, so even when traveling or using an unfamiliar computer, your mail is secure.

Our security isn't just for accessing your mail, but also for storing it. All mail sent between secure RAIN addresses stays within our encrypted system, remaining totally safe, so you can communicate freely without worry. But our protection extends even further. When sending to an address outside our system, you can use our SecureVault to make sure only the right person reads your message. SecureVault keeps the message on our encrypted system and notifies the recipient that it is waiting for them. Then your message can only be accessed with a private password, keeping your data safe, no matter who you are emailing.

No matter what you use email for, RAIN Secure Email gives you the privacy that is so hard to find in today's digital world.

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How does RAIN Secure Email work?

RAIN Secure Email utilizes the highest level of digital security to keep your mail safe. All transactions between you and our servers, from login to reading mail to replying, are fully encrypted. This encryption uses the same level of security as a bank system and enforces it as strictly as a hospital, making sure no one but you can read your mail or use your account.

Because our system is completely secure, any mail sent between @secure.rain.org addresses remains totally safe. These messages never leave our system and are only transmitted through encrypted channels, allowing you to safely, quickly and privately communicate with any friend or colleague also using RAIN Secure Email.

And along with protecting everything you say, our system protects you from what you don't want to hear. Top of the line spam and virus protection keep your inbox clean, so you don't have to worry.

What can RAIN Secure Email be used for?

RAIN Secure Email is perfect for anyone with an interest in privacy. Our system is easy enough for day-to-day personal use, but also robust enough to fit any professional needs. Our encryption keeps the mail of doctors, lawyers, executives and public servants as safe as possible. If privacy and confidentiality are important to you, then RAIN Secure Email is the solution to your needs.

Why do I need secure email?

Internet security should be everyone's concern. It doesn't matter what you use email for; data loss and identity theft are real problems. Every year, countless people lose private information, often with dire consequences. Not only credit card information is vulnerable, but also information about your online activities and even access credentials to your social networking accounts. This information can be used to mislead others, causing confusion and pain for you and others.

Keep yourself and those you interact with online safe using RAIN Secure Email.

I am a medical professional. Is RAIN Secure Email strong enough for me?

Yes, it is. Our encryption is strong enough for doctors and using it for your medical messaging will allow you to meet HIPAA regulation standards without going over budget.

For messages between doctors, we recommend each physician have their own @secure.rain.org address. For communicating with patients, our SecureVault lets you keep messages confidental, no matter where they are going.

I already have an email address. Can I use RAIN Secure Email too?

A RAIN Secure Email address can be use along with any other email address. If you want to make sure all your mail is secure, you should start directing people to your RAIN Secure address. If your current address provider supports email forwarding, you can set all your mail to forward to your @secure.rain.org address, keeping all your email safe and private.

What does RAIN Secure Email cost?

A secure, confidential RAIN Secure Email address is $9.95 a month. This gives you unlimited access from all your devices, allows you to send and receive as many messages as you want, and puts you under the care of our friendly, well-traind support staff. Sign-up now and find your peace of mind.

For groups, businesses or individuals interested in multiple addresses, contact us to learn about bulk discounts.

What is SecureVault?

SecureVault is a powerful feature of RAIN Secure Email that allows you to send fully encrypted messages to any email address, on any system. By enabling SecureVault your message will be stored safely in the SecureVault. Instead of sending the message over the open Internet, your chosen recipient will receive a notice that they have a message from you waiting for them. Then they can securely login to our system using their own unique password to read the message, download attachments and reply to you, all totally secure through our servers.

SecureVault is perfect for when you need to send a secure message to someone who isn't on our system. You can enable it by clicking on the lock symbol in webmail or adding encrypt: to the start of your subject line.

Does it work with my favorite device/mail client?

RAIN Secure Email is fully compatible with all common devices and software available today. You can access our webamil through the browser on your computer, smartphone or tablet, including your iPad. You can also get your mail through the mail client of your choice, including Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, and your favorite mail client on your iPhone or Android phone.

How does the secure webmail work?

Webmail is the fastest, easiest way to get your mail. Just visit mail.secure.rain.org to login to your account through our secure portal and access your mail from any Internet-connected computer. All data transmission is encrypted, so you are safe even when accessing from an unfamiliar computer.

How do I setup my mail client for RAIN Secure Email?

RAIN Secure Email works with all common email clients, both on your computer an on your mobile device. Use these settings to get your mail anywhere:

Incoming POP or IMAP server name: mail.secure.rain.org

Security settings: Enable SSL and set to port 995 (for POP connections) or 993 (for IMAP connections)

Outgoing SMTP server name: mail.secure.rain.org

Security settings: Enable SSL and set to port 465

Authentication IS required.

I still need more help.

Visit the RAIN Helpdesk and open a ticket detailing your support needs and we will get back to you as soon as possible.